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Milo Manara - Storia dell’Umanità


Do not watch this if you are offended by the Daily Mail, tabloid newspapers, or nipples.

Amanda addresses the recent Daily Mail article on her Glastonbury Festival “nipple slip”… as directly as possible, through the medium of song.

Funny and to the point!

People talk about escapism as if it’s a bad thing …once you’ve escaped, once you come back, the world is not the same as when you left it. You come back to it with skills, weapons, knowledge you didn’t have before.

Neil Gaiman (via terribleminds)

It’s true. I hope the whole answer to that question was videoed…

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(via neil-gaiman)


I enjoy people. 





If this were a real thing, I would be doing it right now.


Huh, that seems like a very useful tutorial. But… Does it work with women? It would be really useful for crossplaying.


Let’s give it a try. Fortunately, I have some spare “Man Soap” with me.


I can’t wait a full minute-!! It tingles too much-!


Huh… A nice stubble. That’s what I get for cleaning too soon…


But I can always try adding a package FULL OF BACON~! I wonder if that will have any effects really…





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Sexism in gaming

At Enworld I watched the first movie in a series about sexism in gaming. Seems like I’ve really underestimated how bad it can get.

You see, I’m an adult white herosexual male who’s been gaming for about 20 years. In those 20 years, I’ve generally been the GM in all my gaming groups. In all those years my groups have been dominated by women. I ‘ve generally had more female than male players.

As an example, I’m currently the GM involved in two groups. One consists of me as the GM, two female players, a male homosexual players and a 10 year old boy. Currently playing Savage Worlds Daring Tales of Adventure. In the other group, we’ve currently balanced out to 3 male and 3 female players (but in the past the women were generally in the majority). Has been playing almost exclusively D&D for some 15 years now.

So, the entire idea that gamers are sexist is fairly foreign to me. I also generally do not visit cons (except for one con 10 years ago or so).

So I was rather baffled by the video. And I got really angered at reading some linked posts:

I’d hoped that in a environment that deals with imagination, we’d all be given equal rights and opportunities. And that we could all at least be polite to each other. I’m currently hoping it might be a US vs. Europe kind of thing, but even then, this sucks.

So, from having gamed this long with this kind of demographic, what have I learned?

In my D&D group I have one male player who understands the rules really well. In my Savage Worlds group there’s one female who understands the rules really well. All other players (male and female) tend have a rather superficial knowledge of the rules.

In my D&D group a couple of the women are the ones who get bored when we’ve been without a fight for too long. They like to kill things by lobbing fireballs at them and hacking away with greatswords. The Savage Worlds group is a lot less keen on fighting.

In my D&D group one of the women is very much focussed on world exploration and doesn’t really care very much for intra-personal relations. An other other is very much into these relations. And everybody is into having an adventure with a good plot as opposed to a big mega dungeon. Although we once did have lots of fun with an NC-17 rated campaign in Rappan Athuk.

The only thing I could say is that none of the female players have ever considered taking over GM duties. But that’s not saying much, since in all those years only one male player offered to do that either.

I was expecting to be able to say that I can pin some things to gender, but there really isn’t that much. Most differences are people-related and not gender related

So, please judge people on what they do and not on what they are.

How we all lost

The most sensible thing I’ve read about the PyCon joke incident